Animals are very helpful to humans. They help people know where they are going, they alert us of danger, and even become our best friends. Unfortunately, sometimes people can be very mean to animals, but it is up to us to show our furry friends that we care. This week you will learn how animals help us and how we can help them!

Daily Living
::Things you can do everyday to make a difference!::

Delightful Dogs
·        These are ways dogs help us. Knowing what they do can teach us to appreciate them more.  Check out how amazing they are!
1.         Guide Dogs- help people who cannot see by being their eyes. They help the blind by guiding them. They are trained at special schools to only respond to their person. They help their person avoid danger.
·        Click here to learn more!
2.        Guard Dogs- are specially trained dogs that alarm us of danger. They are used at specific spots to help keep the area safe.
3.        Therapy Dogs- are kind and patient dogs that are there to be your friend. They help children with disabilities gain confidence and social skills.
·        ARF-Kids

4.        Police Dogs- are specially trained dogs that help policemen keep our communities safe.

Furry Friends

1.         Learn about different animals
·        Yahoo Kids
·        National Geographic
2.        Always treat animals with respect.
3.        Keep their habitats clean by always putting trash in the garbage.
4.        Explore how you can protect their habitats.
·        Earth Rangers
·        More links
5.        Do not touch strange animals because this may frighten them.
6.        Other ways you can help 

::Spread the word and get others involved!::

Animal Shelters
Ask a parent to contact a local animal shelter.
You can become a part of their animal shelter youth program.
Ask the shelter for their wish list and help them collect supplies.


  Help children with disabilities raise money to get a therapy dog
  Help raise money for the Humane Society by doing a bake sale to help collect funds and supplies for the animals of this organization.
  Ask a parent to contact the humane society by clicking here to give your donations.