Week 5

Making a Difference in Your Hometown!
[Schools and Environment]

You have accomplished so many great things so far. You have helped other kids, shown your appreciation to community helpers, and cared for animals. We can still do so much more for our communities by keeping our environment healthy through recycling and providing our schools with support. Thank you for all that you have done and for all that you will do!
Daily Living
::Things you can do everyday to make a difference!::
Tidy Tasks
At Home…

  • Learn what it is to recycle- click here to find out what are some things we can reduce, reuse and recycle. http://kids.niehs.nih.gov/recycle.htm
  • Set up recycling bins
      • Bin 1- bottles
      • Bin 2- paper, magazines, newspaper, & cardboard.
      • Bin 3- aluminum cans
  • Take out recycling bins on the appropriate day, so that the truck can pick it up.

At School…

  • Throw away your trash and clean up after yourself.
  • Put all cans and bottles in the recycle bins around school.
  • Encourage your classmates to help keep the school clean and recycle.
  • Learn more about recycling and play games with your classmates by clicking here 

Helping Hands
At Home…
  • Plant a home garden
  • Water plants
  • Pick up trash around community
At School…
  • Help water school plants
  • Pick up trash you see around school and throw it away
::Spread the word and get others involved!::
Raise Recycling Awareness

  • Make a poster or flyer teaching others the importance of recycling
  • Facts about recycling that you can use can be found here
  • Present to class or post flyers around school and community

Have a School Green Day!

  • Get students and faculty motivated about going green.
  • Pick a day to gather students and staff to help make the school green.
Clean up Trash Around School

  • Don’t be afraid to get a little messy. Bring trash bags, put some bags on, and walk around the school picking up any trash you see. 
  • You will be surprised how full you get your trash bag.
Make Recycling Stations

  • Put up recycling bins around school 
  • Put up signs reminding students to use them
Plant Trees

  • Help plant trees around your school to create a healthier environment.
  • Don’t forget to water what you plant.