Week 3

Kids Helping Kids!
Kids all around the world go through some pretty tough situations. They have to deal with many challenges such as being homeless, battling a sickness, or even overcoming a disability. Just because you are a kid does not mean you can’t help. Kids can help kids! Here some ways to help you get started.
Daily Living
::Things you can do everyday to make a difference!::
Open Mind=Open Heart
 Disability Awareness
We are all different and special in every way.
Some students need special equipment to help them be the best that they can be.
For example, students may need a walking stick to help them feel where they are going, other students may need a hearing aid to help them hear better, or other students may need a wheelchair to help them move around.
You try & experience the world in someone else's shoes!
Ask a parent to help you put a blind fold around your eyes. Have your parent give you directions to go left, right, up, or down but try not to bump into anything. This can help you experience what it may be like to be blind.
  • This time cover your ears with cotton balls, ear muffs, or even just your hands. Make sure you cannot hear anything. Ask your parent to give you directions just using hand signals and see if you can get them right. This can help you experience what it may be like to hearing impaired.
  • Amazing kids overcome disabilities like these every day. Let us know how this made you feel! What can you do to help?

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Sharing is Caring
  • If a classmate does not have a pencil and you have an extra one let them borrow a pencil.  Read together with a classmate.  Work out a math problem with a classmate.  Take turns in the classroom and on the playground. 

Helping Hands 

  Hold the door for a classmate.
  With the teacher’s permission help push a classmate’s wheel chair.
  Help a friend pick up something they dropped on the floor.
  Help push a friend on the swing.
  Cheer on a classmate and tell them they did a great job!

::Spread the word and get others involved!::
Request a Pen Pal

 Ghana Pen Pals
Make a friend in Africa!
Share thoughts about being a kid in a different country
Letters From Katrina
In 2005 a powerful hurricane destroyed New Orleans leaving many families homeless. Today there are still families recovering from this terrible storm. Help give hope to kids going through this hard time by offering them your friendship.
“Tell children around the world that no matter what happens to you, we can make it - together!"
Click here to find out how! 

Make a Card

  Materials: All you need is some paper and markers.
  In hospitals in your community there are children just like you who are very sick.
  Write a get well soon card to let them know that you care for them.
  When you are finished ask a parent or teacher to help you drop of the letters to a local children’s hospital or mail them.
  Here are some hospitals

Start a Fundraiser
Book Drive

Collect gently used books and share your love for reading to other kids.
Make flyers asking for book donations. Post the flyers around your school and community.
Ask a parent or teacher to contact kendra@agiftforteaching.org to find out where to drop off the books in a location near you.

Toy Drive

Collect new and gently used toys. Give other kids the chance to have  fun playing with toys just like you.
Check your toy box and maybe you have the same toy twice or maybe you can give them your toy from your Happy Meal.
Make flyers asking for toy donations. Post the flyers around your school and community.
Find out places near you that receives toy donations by clicking here 


Do you ever feel your tummy rumble and you just want to eat so bad. Well, some kids around the world do not have food and their tummies rumble all day long!
UNICEF is an organization that helps stop kids stomachs from rumbling all day long. They collect money and food to give to kids all around the world.

Raise Awareness

  Some children do not have a warm comfy bed or a roof to cover them from a scary thunderstorm because they do not have a home.
  You can help these children by letting people know that this is a problem and they deserve to have a home.
  Make a poster about Homeless children in America to let people know about this issue.
  Fill your poster board with facts and pictures.
  Facts about homeless children can be found here

Resources and Examples
  • Examples of service learning projects: pen pals, visit orphanage shelters, reading/study buddies (e.i. 5th grade students read to 2nd grade students),help raise money for various causes
    Video of a student helping to raise money
Take a look at kids helping kids!
Helping a friend with school work

Kid-made posters

Wow look at all those kids!

Racing for Kids

Helping a hurt classmate

Lemonade to stop Cancer

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